11 Martial Arts for Women

Not Doing Martial Arts

There is no martial arts for women. All martial arts can and will be operated by men and women.

Nevertheless, women in martial arts are comparatively little represented, although they are otherwise pioneers to do something for themselves and their bodies.

A martial art for women has to meet some criteria for it to be accepted.

If a martial arts meets these criteria, the proportion of women is correspondingly greater.

Criteria of Good Martial Arts for Women

Little body contact
The more body contact is involved in training, the less it is a martial art for women.

No competitions

Competitions are not interesting for women and even repel many.

No weapons
As much as the handling of weapons inspires men, one can not lure women behind the stove.

Fitness training
An important criterion for martial arts for women and for men. Only women have no problem with putting the fight in the background.

Improve strength
Is not the same as fitness. Not everyone wants to exhaust themselves every time until the clothes are soaked in sweat on the body.

Promote weight loss
When practicing, burn as much fat as possible.

Improve agility
There are very aesthetic, mysterious movements in some martial arts. They also remind us a bit of ballet. This attracts women, unlike men.

Men do not mind. But much more important for the women.

Favorite Martial Arts for Women
Which martial arts are particularly popular with women?

Thai Bo – martial arts as a fitness trend
Martial arts exercises selected for the gym and danced with loud music that is roughly Thai Bo. Fights do not exist, just fitness. Was not designed specifically for women, but when you look into the classes you only see women.
Thai Bo – martial arts exercises as a pure fitness program

Wendo – feminist self-defense
The Wendo is all about self-defense and not much about martial arts. It is a self-defense exclusively of women for women. Above all, self-assertion is trained and developed as the most important defense measure.
Wendo – self-assertion and self-defense for women

White crane Kung Fu – a kungfu art popular with women
The White Crane Kung Fu contains techniques from the outer and the inner martial arts. This means that there is no body contact with the opponent. There is only one constant evasion and at the right moment you have to strike fast. Learning proper kung fu, without unpleasant body contact, has made this martial arts popular with women.
White Crane Kung Fu – the fighting style of a seemingly weak animal

Wing Chun – the misjudged women Kung Fu
This kung fu style was made famous by Bruce Lee. This made him popular, especially in men. Wing Chun was developed by a Buddhist nun. She wanted to develop a system with which physically weak people can defend themselves. That still applies today. It’s about pure self-defense.
Wing Chun – Self-defense through the use of reflexes

Kyusho Jitsu – always on the bad points
This martial art is intended for anyone who is physically inferior to an opponent. It’s about pure self-defense and not about fitness. It uses the knowledge of the vital points that are targeted and dosed.
Kyusho Jitsu – targeted finger thrusts on the vital points

Tai Chi Chuan – in slow motion for the health
Most women (and men) practice Tai Chi for their health. Many do not even know that it is actually a martial art. It also takes many years of training, until the movements are controlled so that they can be used for self-defense. The health benefits begin with the first practice session. There are also very beautiful, aesthetic fan shapes in Tai Chi.
Tai Chi Martial Arts – A Realistic Self-Defense?

Capoeira – the dance is the goal
Brazilian joie de vivre, movements as dance and rhythmic music, no wonder that in Capoeira one of the highest proportions of women among the martial arts. Although Capoeira is trained as a duel, there is no body contact. Capoeira is more of a danced conversation.
Capoeira – Brazilian martial arts for fitness, creativity and zest for life

Aikido – use the energy of the attacker
After the Second World War Morihei Ueshiba developed from the aggressive and bloody Japanese martial arts a pacifist martial arts. An attacker is dodged until he gives up. His attack energy is diverted against himself.
Aikido – a circling body speaks with the attack energy