Why Women Need to Train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

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(A real experience told by a woman from Berlin)

Some have already asked me this question. And she is pretty easy to answer. On the one hand, this martial arts is well suited for self-defense, on the other hand, you learn to better deal with his body and to understand him.

I wanted to do a martial arts, but it was important to me that it is not one in which I am beaten or kicked or hit and kicked. In the back of my mind I’ve always had: What should I do if I’m really in a situation where I’m lying on the ground and a man is over me to do something I know what to do. How can I defend myself there? My husband Jon started this sport a long time ago and I watched more often. Sure, that looked weird. Sweaty men rolling and looking like human knots on the floor, doing things incomprehensible to me. It did not look very interesting to me either. After all, martial arts has to do with punches and kicks. When Raimar (our trainer) offered a beginner training, I thought “well let’s see how it is”. I have been registered in Tensho for some time to train Tactical Fitness, but that’s another topic. So I went to the beginner trainee and put on a Gi from my husband πŸ™‚ looked great.

Only after a few training sessions did I get an idea of ​​what BJJ actually is and that there is a system behind the confused scrolls. It is still fascinating to me with what techniques you can “bend” body parts in unnatural directions, so it hurts.

“But is not it disgusting to have so much physical contact with men who are so wet with sweat?” – Of course that’s not pretty, but I think for the men, a wet-sweaty woman is also not so pleasant.

For me that was never a problem dar. If you sweat yourself, is wet on the whole body, could wring the clothes and you dripping, then you do not think about the “disgusting”, that’s just like that. It’s part of the sport and can not be changed anyway.

“Is not that strange when men come so close to you?” – Why would that be weird? It is a sport, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who interprets something sexual has its own fault and if you are fighting and want to win (or at least not give up) then the last thing you think about is “his hand is pretty close to my breasts”. Since you have other things in mind such. Keep arms tight, stay compact, never turn your back to the opponent, and never give your opponent a chance to fumble.

A sports colleague said to me a few days ago that he is uncomfortable with being trapped by a woman in a triangle. This showed me that he was not with his thoughts in the technique, which also explains why he could land in the triangle πŸ™‚

Of course, it is not so great if the soft tissue or the buttocks of the opponent is close to the face, but I can assure you that it is not because he is a man, but that this position is generally not the most beautiful.

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